No Fees.
No Middleman.

Publish your apps and games on Litemint to benefit from decentralized, cross-currency in-app payments.

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Send and Receive Any Currency
Monetize Your Apps

Cross-platform, Universal Sync, IAP, Collectibles

When published on the Litemint platform, your app immediately benefits from cross-platform discovery. Users can seamlessly connect and sync, no matter where they login. Access a range of monetization options from in-app purchases to ads to collectibles.

Growing everyday and limitless, come and grow with Litemint.

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Decentralized Payments

You Are in Control of Your Earnings!

There is no middleman, no fee, each time you receive a payment, you can immediately enjoy your earnings in your merchant wallet!

You can offer all your users instant multi-currency and decentralized payments. From USD, EUR, BTC, MAG, XLM and many more! The choice is yours.

Litemint Games

Decentralized IAP

Litemint boasts of the first real-world implementation of decentralized cross-currency in-app purchases using Stellar path payments.

Easy Account Management

Create, import and switch easily between all your accounts. Use 24-word mnemonic for backup. Litemint also supports watch-only accounts.

Stellar DEX Access

Litemint provides access to all trading pairs on the Stellar DEX. Easily place your buy and sell orders, browse the order book using a touch-enabled mobile-first UI and check last trades.

Stellar Federation

Litemint supports the Stellar federation protocol to send and receive money. Your Litemint federated address is also used by games to automatically track your scores and gamer achievements.


Litemint currently speaks English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Greek. We are constantly adding new languages.

Stellar Anchors

Litemint provides anchor verification from issuer domain and operates seamless bridges and/or services with self-operated anchors.


We support and/or operate the following anchors on Stellar.


MAG is a proof-of-stake network. We redistribute 100% staking rewards of all MAG held on Stellar.

MAG Network will also operate to provide B2B services to merchants.


We operate the Grin Anchor at

If you are looking to trade the most advanced MimbeWimble privacy coin on Stellar, you came to the right place.


Along with MAG we also operate a seamless BTC anchor to ease native deposits from BTC.

The anchor will be operational when the marketplace opens publicly. You can already add the trustline to your account.