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Send and Receive Any Currency
Easier than email

Send and Receive Any Currency. Anytime.

Litemint is a Stellar Wallet that gives you, and only you, full control over your money.

Share your friendly name to receive any currency in seconds. It's easier than email. Promise.

Besides the Stellar native currency (XLM), Litemint allows you to send and receive all assets available on the Stellar Network.

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App Ecosystem

Explore & Play.

Litemint is fostering an app and third-party content ecosystem exclusively powered by decentralized payments. Enjoy free apps and games with daily challenges and rewards straight in your wallet.

Litemint features the first real-world implementation of decentralized, cross-currency in-app purchases (DIAP). We are working everyday to bring more content to the platform.

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Litemint Games
Collectibles and Trades
Decentralized Exchange

Trading & Collectibles

Litemint provides access to all trading pairs on the Stellar DEX. Watch the video.

Additionally, the Collectibles marketplace is a simple and safe way to earn from your gaming skills. Rare game items and rewards such as Skins, Cards and Gold can be sold on the Stellar DEX. The price is yours to set!

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Web, desktop, mobile and tablet, the choice is yours.

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Desktop Versions

Build It

Litemint source code is available under the open-source MIT license.

Decentralized IAP

Litemint boasts of the first real-world implementation of decentralized cross-currency in-app purchases using Stellar path payments.

Easy Account Management

Create, import and switch easily between all your accounts. Use 24-word mnemonic for backup. Litemint also supports watch-only accounts.

Stellar DEX Access

Litemint provides access to all trading pairs on the Stellar DEX. Easily place your buy and sell orders, browse the order book using a touch-enabled mobile-first UI and check last trades.

Stellar Federation

Litemint supports the Stellar federation protocol to send and receive money. Your Litemint federated address is also used by games to automatically track your scores and gamer achievements.


Litemint currently speaks English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Greek. We are constantly adding new languages.

Stellar Anchors

Litemint provides anchor verification from issuer domain and operates seamless bridges and/or services with self-operated anchors.