The crypto way is peer-to-peer, so is Litemint.

Litemint is a friendly, decentralized trading platform and wallet for digital currencies.

Built on the shoulders of giants, Litemint provides comprehensive access to any assets on the Stellar network and beyond.


If you are looking for a multi-asset trading platform and Stellar-based wallet that does NOT lock you in, then Litemint is for you. We believe in open standards, open security and open-source.


Whether you use the web app or download the mobile and PC client, your account keys always stay with you. All transactions and operations are signed on your end. You are always in control.


Throught standard compliance, all accounts created with Litemint are compatible with mainstream services and hardware wallets so they can be recovered independently - anytime, anywhere.

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Standards BIP-44, SEP-05, SLIP-10
Security PBKDF2, AES, Curve25519

Strong Client-Side Cryptography

Litemint uses Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) for increased resistance against brute-force attacks. End-to-end communications are encrypted with Curve 25519 shared secret. The local storage is further encrypted using the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Open Source

For transparency, Litemint source code is freely available under the community-friendly and open-source MIT license.

Dedicated User Interface

Litemint uses ad hoc UI components to prevent potential malicious software from spying on PIN inputs. Step-by-step wizards provide user-friendly guidance for all security sensitive operations such as creating your backup recovery phrases.
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Official Partner

MAG network is a Proof-of-Stake masternode-based cryptocurrency with a focus on merchant services. The MAG anchor on Stellar redistributes 100% stake rewards to its asset holders so you earn returns on your holdings.

MAG is fully integrated and supported by the Litemint Wallet so you can deposit and withdraw funds directly to/from the MAG network.

Add the MAG Anchor trust line to your wallet from the “Assets” tabs to get started.

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Whether you use Litemint to store your assets securely or for your daily trading activity, the app offers a secure and slick experience across all supported platforms including web, desktop, mobile and tablet.

Coming Soon!

The Litemint wallet will soon be released for mobile on the Play Store, App Store, for PC and Mac and on the web. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook.

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Open source code

Litemint source code is available and released under the developer, business and community-friendly open-source MIT license.

Source on GitHub

Node.js API

Download the Litemint API for Node.js.

npm install litemint


Litemint - Alpha on Google Play

Release Notes:

  • Trustline removal from dashboard.
  • Added BTC/XLM pair in Trade.
  • Fixed Minor issues.

Litemint is currently available for closed testing on the Play Store. Send an email to to participate.

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litemint --help

Use the following links and resources for technical assistance.

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For security related issue and critical bugs please send an email to

Business & Press

For your business or press related enquiries please write to

litemint --debug

Litemint is an original MIT licensed project created by Frederic Rezeau and distributed by Litemint LLC.

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LITEMINT LLC owns all Litemint-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos and the names of all Litemint projects are trademarks of LITEMINT LLC.

You may contact LITEMINT LLC with any questions about the brand policy and trademarks.

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