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Sending and receiving crypto or selling and buying digital goods should be as simple as using your email.

Built on Stellar, Litemint is a friendly multi-currency wallet and decentralized marketplace to do just that.



Litemint accounts are standard, secure and compatible with all mainstream stellar services and hardware wallets so you can recover and import them independently - anytime.


The marketplace is an exclusive Litemint feature allowing you to buy, sell and create merchant listings for your digital goods from music to games to ebooks. Receive money straight in your wallet.

Seamless Payments

Enjoy quick and easy in-wallet deposits and withdrawals from our partners. Litemint uses federation and secure endpoints to bridge the Stellar network to your favorite crypto.


Transaction Fee
Transaction Time 2-5 seconds

Send, receive, trade any asset and currency.

Buy and sell any digital goods on a decentralized marketplace.

Use Stellar friendly addresses (e.g. Send to fred*

Backup phrases to recover your accounts.

Charts and real-time market prices.

Multi-account management.

PIN protection with PBKDF2 and keyboard secure randomizer.

Watch-only accounts.

Anchor verification from issuer domain and seamless bridges.

QR Code scanning.

Public address sharing from your favorite social apps.

Multi-language support.

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Standards BIP-44, SEP-05, SLIP-10
Security PBKDF2, AES

We believe in open standards, open security and open-source.


Your account keys always stay with you, transactions are always signed on your end, yet we made sure that technology does not get in the way of a smooth experience.

Strong Client-Side Cryptography

Litemint uses Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) for increased resistance against brute-force attacks. Your local data is further encrypted using the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Open Source

For transparency, Litemint source code is freely available under the community-friendly and open-source MIT license.

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The following anchors are operated, secured and backed by Litemint LLC. To get started, simply add the anchor trust line from the Assets tabs from your wallet. The asset will be added and ready to receive and trade.


Seamless Yes
MAG is a Proof-of-Stake masternode-based cryptocurrency with a focus on merchant services. The MAG anchor on Stellar redistributes 100% stake rewards to its asset holders so you earn returns on your holdings.


Seamless No
GRIN empowers anyone to transact or save modern money without the fear of external control or oppression.

We simply  GRIN!


Seamless Yes
Our BTC anchor aims to ensure seamless and secure interoperability with Bitcoin through fully automated deposit and withdrawal for user convenience.

Coming Soon
If you are operating a native token and are interested to provide your users with cross-platform access using our friendly wallet, contact us with a link to your project.
Main Benefits:
  • Exposure to our growing 15000 mobile and web users.
  • Litemint is proof-of-key and noncustodial, users own their keys.
  • Trade against any Stellar DEX Asset (BTC, USD, EURT...)
  • Cross-platform and mobile friendly.


We are dedicated to offer a secure, seamless and open experience across all supported platforms including web, desktop, mobile and tablet. The choice is yours!

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Jump straight into the crypto world from the confort of your browser.


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Build it Yourself

Looking to run Litemint as full self-hosted solution on your private infrastructure?

Litemint source code is available and released under the developer, business and community-friendly open-source MIT license.

Source on GitHub


On Your Mark, Get Set, Trade!

Litemint 1.2 now available on iTunes and Android!

Litemint Games Studio is opened!

We are all in on games! Game developers come play with us and submit your games for listing on the upcoming marketplace. Your games will be playable right inside the Litemint wallet!

Head over to to get started!

Litemint Web Wallet release!

Litemint is now available right in your browser (recommended Chrome or Firefox).

Visit to start your journey into the crypto world!


Litemint Genesis

July 2018

Development started

December 2018

Google Play alpha release.

December 26, 2018

Google Play public release.


February 21, 2019

Web Wallet release

February, 2019

March, 2019

Stellar DEX trading

May, 2019

BTC Anchor. Seamless Deposit & Withdrawal

June, 2019

Marketplace opening

To be continued...

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For security related issue and critical bugs please send an email to

Business & Press

For your business or press related enquiries please write to

litemint --dev

Litemint is an original MIT licensed project created by Frederic Rezeau and distributed by Litemint LLC.


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LITEMINT LLC owns all Litemint-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos and the names of all Litemint projects are trademarks of LITEMINT LLC.

You may contact LITEMINT LLC with any questions about the brand policy and trademarks.

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